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Car Alarm Problems. Generally when a car alarm starts to play up the most common cause is low battery voltage. As most modern alarm systems are micro-processor based they are susceptible to electrical spikes caused by a number of reasons such as; jump starting a vehicle, poor battery terminal connection, faulty ignition system, and alternator or starter motor back feed. The other most common reasons  that car alarms play up is when a product of poor quality has been used and when proper care was not taken at the time it was installed. All products supplied and fitted by Security In Motion have a lifetime workmanship warranty.
Lost or Damaged Remotes. All vehicle security systems have an emergency override facility in the unlikely event that all the remotes or fobs become lost or damaged. The procedure is usually found in the owners manual, if the owners manual is also missing we may be able to help via telephone or email. For security reasons we cannot publicly show these procedures on this site.
Car Won't Start. Check battery power by turning on other devices such as radio, headlights, interior light etc but do this one at a time, if the lights a dim or there is a clicking sound coming from the engine compartment , then it is likely the battery is too low. If the car alarm's immobiliser fails to disarm or the remote doesn't work let us know by email or telephone with as much info about the alarm that you have or a picture of the remote, this can help us identify the product for any replacement parts.
Car Alarm False Alarming. Common causes for this are: sensors adjusted too high, damaged bonnet switch or not adjusted correctly, vehicle battery voltage drop, a faulty or water damaged siren, vehicle door switches faulty (older cars), short circuit and older alarms in general. We can give advice over the phone to help fix many of these issues with car alarms not supplied by us, but would charge a call out fee if we send a technician out onsite.

All products supplied by Security In Motion come with a 5 year warranty and our mobile service facility.
All products supplied by Security In Motion are of the highest standard available and all installations are tested by our qualified and experienced professional staff.
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